Water temperature: 23 oC


Start on 2 skis

1. Wet the bindings and your feet. Place the skis snugly on your feet. A good fit is important.
2. Plunge into water. Place the rope between the skis. Knees should be bent, arms go around the knees, both palms facing down. Keep the skis about shoulder width apart, towards the boat, with at least 6-12 inches (15-30 cm) of ski above the water.
3. As the boat begins to move, keep your knees at the chest, use your feet to keep skis parallel. Arms straight out (or slightly bent at the elbows), chin towards chest.
4. Stay in a squatted position, until the boat pulls you on top of the water ( some 3-6 sec.)
5. Slowly stand up using only your legs, not arms. Even when erect, keep your knees slightly bent.
6. Keep your weight on front part of the feet, not the heels. Shoulders should be back.
7. To finish the ride drop the handle and squat. As you loose the speed you will slowly sink in 3 – 6 sec.

* Let the skis and the boat do the work. Don't fight it.
* If you try to stand too soon you will be thrown off balance and fall backwards or forwards.
* Keep the arms straight. If your arms are too bent you will fall backwards.
* Do not point your head towards the sky, do not look on water. Having your sight set towards the boat is essential for keeping 
   a balanced position.
* If you loose the balance, push the handle DOWN and squat!