Water temperature: 23 oC


Start on mono ski

We suggest 2 options what to do with your rear leg:
a) extend it out behind you and use as a stabilizer;
b) from very beginning put the foot in the rear binding.

1. Bend the front leg completely, with the knee touching the chest.
2. Place the rope on the inside of the ski. Front of the ski should be 7-12 inches (20 – 30 cm) above the water.
3. Keep arms straight and low, place the body weight over the middle of the ski. Focus eyes and head ahead. Shout the driver to start moving.
4. Wait until the ski is moving fast enough to support your weight, slowly stand up, stay balanced.
5. Slowly place your rear foot into the binding loop, spread your weight equally on both feet.


1. Fall forward .
Error – stood up too quickly, weight too far forward.
Solution – take your time, stand up slowly, moving your shoulders back as the ski planes.

2. Fall to the side.
Error – free leg not in correct position.
Solution – ( a ) keep free leg straight back with the knee in. ( b ) Keep the knees together.

3. Fall backwards.
Error – pulled with your arms or rope on wrong side.
Solution – always keep arms straight! Rope should be on free-leg side.

4. Plowing - ski pushes the water..
Error – knee too far from chest, ski too vertical.
Solution – keep knee into chest and allow the ski to go parallel to the water's surface.